Galería HGZ

Acid Candy
José Obscura
14.02.23 – 24.03.23

A few words…

From the artist:

I want to share a vision of a society, where we treat sexuality in a natural way. Without morbidity, without guilt and as something fortunate in our experience as human beings.

This idea, on its own, has seized my attention; my friends', this Gallery's and now yours.

Being 2023, sexuality is still a taboo and a problem. The polarization of the issue between repression and over-sexualization has led us to disappointing places. This is an invitation to talk with respect and lightness about this, which affects us all.

These pieces are didactic tools, designed to merge the anatomical and the social with the emotional. Creating a space for healthy dialogue and a way to visualize the components of the spectrum of sexual expression. These toys are warm, pleasing to the eye and touch, they stimulate the mind, memories, sensations – far from sex toys that do not address the emotional element around sex, or medical demonstrators which are technical and cold.

This project was born out of humor and by its own strength it became a community. In an organic way, a group of friendly hands made possible to ‘give birth’ to La Maquila Erótica; a space for creativity and accompaniment, responsible for keeping this idea alive and especially nurturing it. That experience and the support I have received from so many people has made it clear to me that it is therapeutic to be able to address these matters from an open and understanding perspective.

We need to update the way we educate ourselves on the subject.

Thanks to all parties that made this project possible, my muse, La Maquila, Blue, and Eric. Also to all hands and talents within this Gallery, for your understanding of the subject, for giving so much of your energy to contextualize this vision.

Let’s approach sexuality from common sense and empathy. <3