Galería HGZ

Un Pendiente por Una Teta
Claudia Doring Báez
21.09.23 - 15.11.23


Un pendiente por una teta (in English an earing for a tit), and the one on the right side, the heart one, a journey to the heart of desire and attraction, where images come to life beyond their own existence and acquire a life of their own. After studying the cinematography of different directors throughout her career, Claudia Doring Báez engages in a dialogue with the love for the feminine mystique of Pedro Almodóvar and his dramatic stories.

The strokes with which Claudia works serve as frames of the mystical and complex journey through the human condition that Almodóvar presents to us with his narratives and characters. An exploration of the collective psyche in its rawest form, where we encounter mirrors that reveal our most intimate passions and perversions; living drawings that we know are drawings and not living beings. We are aware that they are traces of technique and that they exist only on a screen, in our perception of them. Nevertheless, their behavior seduces us, leading us into the abyss of passion and madness.

In this journey traced by the parallel narratives of the same director, there is a review of images, moments, sounds, and dialogues whose unique way of exploring sexuality and violence challenge the optics of conventional norms and dynamics. Highlights of the deepest human affections, such as Tina under the stream of water of a public hose (Carmen Maura in "La Ley del Deseo", '87), o Letal and los pelucones, la minifalda, el plataformón, su espíritu y su estilo (Miguel Bosé in "Tacones Lejanos", '91), serve us to examine the ambiguity of sexual identity; where characters lose and find themselves in the desperate search for love, shedding light on the darkest shadows of the conscious unconscious. The subjective portraits of these complex characters guide us through the examination of the core of human emotions.