Galería HGZ

“If you throw a stone, it's a crime. If a thousand stones are thrown, that's political. If you set fire to a car it's a crime; if a hundred cars are set on fire that's political.”

- Ulrike Meinhof 

Nuevo Desorden Mundial
Isaac Torres
17.11.22 – 10.12.22

Installation presented at Centro Cultural Hangar
Querétaro / MX

Galería HGZ presents Nuevo Desorden Mundial, an installation by Isaac Torres, where he reaffirms the idyll and mystique of insurrection.

Over the decades, social movements have been accompanied by a system of forms, colors, and objects that have both circumstantially and deliberately become symbols of citizens' critical function and political pronouncement. A shirt, a bandana, or an umbrella become emblems of critical capacity and questioning of the order of things; objects loaded with motivation for change.

The march's transit begins with a series focused on the genealogy of clothing related to different fascist and revolutionary movements of the 20th century, identified by the color of different militant fractions. Following the route, the video installation "Mantras for Insurrection," a piece activated in 2013 on the outskirts of the former home of David Alfaro Siqueiros in the Polanco neighborhood (Mexico City), which takes up a fragment of an interview with Ulrike Meinhof, spokesperson for the German urban guerrilla group RAF (Red Army Faction), just before joining the dissidence and resigning from her life as a journalist and mother.

As the center of the exhibition, banners are displayed in the main space that, with a satirical tone, represent recognized characters with gestures that are far from solemn, resulting in a wink that seems to say: "This is a child's play." On the perimeter, reinterpretations of modern art works are updated 100 years after their creation with the colors of different current movements, reaffirming through art a new social order.

The artist's latest expedition results in an installation on the current geopolitical disorder, recently created in continuation with previous projects. Through interdisciplinary research that incorporates elements of journalism, social anthropology, architecture, and urbanism, Isaac Torres explores how the historical and political memory of modernity is woven, through visual essays that unfold from different media, mainly graphics and installation.

In a semiotics of rebellion, this exhibition invites to take a challenging critical capacity towards any ordering.