Galería HGZ

Las babas del diablo
Pablo Rubín
01.19.23 – 03.24.23

Painting is death, photography has opened the door to the freezer of physical space to delve into colors on white backgrounds and subliminal musical accents. In this show, the artist makes heavy use of moving bodies and black and white scenes which he then translates into color.

Fueled by the Latin American photography of the eighties (Larraín) and the sound of synthesizers, Pablo Rubín's work establishes a clear connection between geometry, color, electronic music and the exquisiteness of jazz; As a soliloquy on the canvas, the artist develops the mystique of intrapersonal dialogue using pigment as a spiritual exercise.


Pablo Rubín, (Monterrey, N.L., 1997), an avid book and record collector, lives and works in the city of Querétaro. After dabbling in architecture abroad and 3 years of industrial design, the artist decided to pursue a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Instituto Allende (San Miguel de Allende, GTO). After an exploration influenced by German expressionism, concentrated in monochrome and the accentuation of the line, the artist undertakes this new journey, to resurrect painting.