Galería HGZ

Servicio Nocturno: Los Ángeles
Gaspard Le Guen
04.28.23 - 08.11.23


"Servicio Nocturno: Los Ángeles" is an exhibition that explores the artistic project of Gaspard Le Guen's Servicio Nocturno from the last three years. Through a spectral script of forgotten spaces, drawings, funerary paraphernalia, and site-specific installations, it explores the transitory and fragile nature of memory - the phantasmagoria of forgetting -.

Gaspard found himself in a warehouse of the well-known funeral home Funerales Ortega; among the shadow of what would be a wood shop and abandoned cars and artifacts, he was inspired by what once played a leading role in a rite of passage for people but is now discarded. Le Guen used these objects to create a collection of memories, media, and installations that transform the mundane and forgotten into their own form of truth and dialogue.

In front of the artist's filmic eye, a vision develops about wood and the outcomes of a fruitful and necessary business. The clever use of different media creates a visually stunning experience that challenges our conceptions about the passage of time; a poignant reminder of the inevitability of transitoriness. Behind the scenes, fabrics, coffins, and candelabras share the scene with Gaspard, resulting in various artistic media that accompany the story of two 1940s Cadillac hearses and their journey from Tepe to Los Angeles, where they would be sold to a film studio within the absurd limits of a fiction created by the artist.

Just as in film, editing and imagination work in Servicio Nocturno as an attempt to crystallize an entire universe into a series of pieces; to contain the uncontainable. The world between fantasy and real Hollywood, the tireless drive to capture time, and the spectral nature of what may have existed, are part of the attempt to capture the air of a space where memory and the forgotten flow like ghosts. A poster of Juan Gabriel, stacks of coins, or a hunter's coffin function as an ode to the fugacity of visual culture, the fear of disappearing, and the persistence through art. Film is a ghostly memoir, so is Servicio Nocturno.

As a result of the conceptual and performative work, "Servicio Nocturno: Los Ángeles" is a mise-en-scène that explores the poetics of transit: a cardinal change, a semantic change, a change of medium. Exemplary discipline, unique materials, and a strange sense of humor are essential parts of the artist's work in which narratives develop in unexpected ways in a whisper that says see you again en la frontera.

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